Two women. One galaxy.

As a decorated Space Ranger in the 8th Galaxy, Captain Natalie (Nat) Reynolds has an exciting, albeit lonely, life. Yet, when Nat answers a distress call from a craft in trouble on a nearby planet, it has the possibility of changing the trajectory of her life forever.

Catherine Porter is down on her luck in the worst way. Evicted, almost penniless, she worries all hope is lost until a charismatic stranger flies into her life. Inexplicably drawn to the one woman who can possibly save her, Catherine must face feelings she never considered.

Will their stars align and lead them to a happily ever after? Or will their differences tear their hearts apart?


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I had the good fortune to ask KC a couple of questions about her upcoming release!

Why did you want to write this book, specifically?
“Rescue Her Heart” was written simply to see what would happen if I set my mind to finishing a lesbian romance novel. The science fiction aspects evolved along the way because I needed something fun and exciting for the two lovers to do. As dramatic and all-encompassing as new love can be, the book needed something more and so I added space rangers, star fighters, and a fun antagonist. It is because of this decision I feel the story truly stands out from the crowd.

What do you like best about it?
My favorite aspect of the novel is how well the characters evolved. Making them real and relatable, especially since the book is science fiction, was what I worried about the most during the writing. Now I am in love with a couple of them and although I never intended to have a follow-up novel, I already have an itch to keep going with one character in particular. For anyone reading this after enjoying the book, the answer is Salishan Bransen.

Did you know this about Rescue Her Heart?
“Some numbers have had powerful influences on my life. These are reflected in “Rescue Her Heart” and undoubtedly will be in all of my novels going forward. In particular, the number 27 is my luckiest number. Throughout my life, this number has brought me nothing but prosperity and often the most significant dates of my life fall on the 27th. If readers pay attention, they will see combinations of numbers which reflect the date I first kissed my wife and my birthday, among other things.”

In ten words or less, tell us why we should buy this book?
True love, space rangers, pirates, and passion galore


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